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Everyday protection for delicate bodies

Little Étoile® Topical Care Range

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Everyday protection for delicate bodies

The first 1000 days is the most hands-on time of our little star’s lives, for us and them. Learn more about our extensive range of Little Étoile skincare and personal care options for infants, toddlers, young kids and mothers. Our team of very talented scientists are experts in designing and formulating skincare that is safe, easy to use, and effective for any application. ​

How to we customize and optimize our formulas?

  • Formula design is optimized based on researching the effectiveness of our ingredients and levels, before they go into a formula​
  • pH adjustment and balancing to match the requirements of specific ages, areas of skin, skin types and product types​
  • Texture adjustment through our own special formulation control processes, according to our IQS system. This takes some time to get right, so we do all this by hand in our state-of-the-art formulation room first, before batches are ready for manufacturing​
  • Extensive testing, beyond what is required for cosmetics, even to the point where we design and perform our own tests!​
  • We put all our formulas through their paces in our controlled environment facility, to make sure they can withstand different climate conditions on the shelf ​

How are our products safety tested?

Certification by accredited clinics for skin sensitivity

  • Products with our “Skin safe” caption have been tested on human skin under controlled conditions, supervised by dermatologists and a GP​
  • The test involves placing a small amount of product on the skin surface under a patch for a controlled time, and monitoring for reactions (such as allergies) in normal and sensitive skin types ​

Certified by accredited clinical lab testing for eye safety

  • Products with the “Tears be-gone” logo have been independently tested by a specialized biotech laboratory​
  • The test used measures how a special membrane that simulates the eye’s cornea reacts when it is exposed to a product under controlled conditions​
  • This test is world standard for eye sensitivity, and is the current cruelty-free form used in the industry​

What other safety steps do we take?

  • Research-based toxin screening of all ingredients prior to sourcing ​
  • Ensuring ingredient sources meet our internal QMS standards ​
  • Preferring to choose materials that are backed by their own research studies for skin suitability and effectiveness​