Snow-milk ComplexTM - Little Étoile

Snow-milk ComplexTM

As the name suggests, this gentle, soft, and milky complex of scientifically proven rice extract, colloidal oatmeal, Snow Mushroom (Tremella) and Aloe vera extracts has been designed for optimum hydration, conditioning and protection against hair damage and scalp irritation. ​

Rice Extract

  • Provides “gamma-oryzanol” & “ferulic acid” that enhance hair growth and protect the skin (Zeinali et al, 2021)​
  • Rice milk and water extracts have been used for centuries in Japan as a conditioning bath and hair treatment

Colloidal oatmeal

  • Gentle cleanser that suits delicate skin types that do not require as harsh scrubbing or abrasion​.
  • Provides “saponins” that gently cleanse the hair & skin, as well as “beta-glucans” that help lock in water, plus antioxidants for skin & hair protection from the elements (Kurtz & Wallo, 2007).

Snow Mushroom

  • Provides polysaccharides (long chain sugar molecules) and “glucuronic acid”, both of which are heavily involved in moisturizing (Ma et al., 2021).​
  • Naturally similar to hyaluronic acid, in the way it attracts moisture under the skin to maintain hydration .

Aloe vera

  • Contains substances called aloin and emodins, which soothe and hydrate damaged skin and promote regeneration (Sanchez et al, 2020)​.
  • Reduces inflammation, prevents bacterial growth, and provides antioxidant effects to promote healing.​