Busy Toddler Bundle

2+ years Delicate Skin

The bundle includes:

  • Head-to-toe Wash 2+ 250ml
  • Swim Protect 2-in-1 250ml
  • Nourishing Lotion 250ml
  • Hair Oil 200ml
  • Gentle Bottom Wash 250ml
  • Skin Recovery Cream 170g


When your active toddler starts exploring the world, it's a whole new ball game! Say farewell to the peaceful newborn days and welcome the delightful mess that comes with this new era. Introducing our Busy Toddler Bundle, the ultimate solution for parents of on-the-go little adventurers. This bundle includes our age-specific head-to-toe wash, specially designed to combat the extra dirt and grime your little tornado accumulates. As your toddler’s hair grows into luscious locks, keep them silky and tangle-free with our nourishing hair oil. Say goodbye to that lingering chlorine smell from swimming lessons with our Swim Protect 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash. Our bundle also features our iconic nourishing lotion for soft, delectably scented skin and our skin recovery cream for those occasional dry or eczema-prone patches. And the cherry on top of this amazing penny saving deal, is our gentle bottom wash, designed to cleanse your little one’s nether regions (because we all know what toilet training looks like). Embrace the exciting chaos of this life stage with our Busy Toddler Bundle, designed to keep your little one clean, fresh, and happy while saving you money.