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Quality Management

Topical Care Range

Quality – a simple word but a critical part of what we do, and more than just a word. It is part of our DNA. ​

We are trusted and endorsed through our strict dedication to quality and safety testing in 100% of our products, which is inspired by our pharmaceutical and scientific origins. But quality has many sides, and we are quietly obsessive in the background, until we get it right – a robust, functional product that performs as expected. Why compromise with the extra level of protection expected for skin & personal care for infants, children and the whole family?​

We have distilled our Quality principles for skincare down to five important areas that we believe are key to healthy, glowing skin

Twinkle 5 Skin System

  1. 100% Safety Guaranteed: all of our topical products are analyzed by external accredited clinics and labs for skin and eye safety, including for sensitive skin types​
  2. Skin Wellbeing according to the Opti-5 principles, adapted to create formulas that encourage skin health​
    • Sanitize: keeping different areas of skin and hair clean and hygienic​
    • Moisturize: helping to lock in and retain moisture balance ​
    • Protect & Defend: guarding skin and hair against different kinds of damage​
    • Restore & Repair: enabling skin to recover and heal well​
    • Grow & Develop: formulas designed especially for younger, maturing and more delicate skin ​
  3. ​No hidden toxins: selected ingredients from clean, quality sources, and strict control of their levels in formulas ​
  4. Naturally derived, proprietary validated ingredients: including our own home-grown botanicals, with sustainability built-in​
  5. Environment & Family Friendly: convenient sizes, recycled packaging and suitable across different age groups & skin types


We are driven by quality at all stages of our products’ development

Quality Formulating

Strict control at all stages, from start to finished products, according to good manufacturing practices. We perform our own stability testing under different climatic conditions.​


Quality of Design

Our diverse scientific expertise investigates skin and hair function in detail, ensuring all ingredients have a purpose.

Quality of Use

Safety testing through accredited external clinical laboratories to ensure products are safe for skin and eyes.​


Quality Ingredients

Screened and trusted sources, plus our own home-grown, sustainably produced natural materials & blends, with evidence backed benefits.

Quality of Experience

All this ensures our products stand the test of everyday use, but we also monitor feedback from consumers to continually refine our products .