Quality Management - Little Étoile

Quality Management

Because our little stars are so special and vulnerable, we work hard behind the scenes to maintain our exceptional standards for product and ingredient quality through Max Biocare’s comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), which goes above and beyond standard requirements for nutritional and topical products. This comes from our history of working with pharmaceuticals, where quality and safety are paramount. ​

This system is applied to all levels of a product’s life, from ingredient sourcing and background checks, to formula research and design, to the first pilot scale batches, and ultimately to the finished product, and beyond into the market. All this work sets ours apart as products that are actually premium, and not just labelled that way.​


Max Biocare’s QMS control process


Critical steps in the QMS include

  • Safety and toxicity screening of ingredients​
  • Researching and reviewing ingrdients, to ensure the product will be effective ​
  • Making sure a product is shelf-stable before it goes to market​
  • “In-process” checking during manufacture​
  • Making sure it remains stable after launch and in the market​
  • Clinical testing for skin and eye safety, and skin sensitivity​
  • Voluntary testing for toxins and allergens​
  • Voluntary testing and verification of actual nutrient levels​
  • Additional product testing for effectiveness, to prove it does what it says on the label ​

Once quality is finally assured, we can complete the picture for all 3 of Little Étoile’s main goals in our overall Innovation, Quality and Sustainability (IQS) structure. But we don’t stop there. We keep going around the cycle to constantly innovate and improve things, as we go.​