From conception to new products - Little Étoile

From conception to new products

Our Research & Development process

We employ an extensive, evidence-based research approach to the development our premium infant’s and children’s nutrition products. Backed by 20 years’ expertise in pharmaceutical, nutrition and medical sciences, we go the extra mile to ensure that our products are effective, reliable and safe.

  • Research, research, research…: a thorough and methodical approach to nutrition quality is what makes us different. We always start with trying to understand what infants and children need and work backwards till we get the right formula.
  • Premium ingredients: we prefer to use scientifically validated ingredients in our complete and balanced nutrition formulas, and systematically review our prototype formulas before we are satisfied with them.
  • Tailored nutrition profiles: we optimize our formulas using a unique, multistep process to ensure that they are not only effective but safe for specific age groups, for general growth and development, as well as during more challenging periods of early life.
  • Integrated quality processes: The R&D process is heavily connected with our quality assurance program, ensuring that we always translate theory into practice.

Little Étoile models its R&D approach on Max Biocare’s model of systematic research and development framework, which is inspired by pharmaceutical standards – Max Biocare Institute