MBc’s Sustainable Herbal HoneyTM - Little Étoile

What's unique about MBc’s Sustainable Herbal HoneyTM ?

Honey has been used since 4500 BCE in skin healing. Our sustainably harvested pure Herbal Honey is premium quality and provides a diversified activity gained from thousands of herbal & medicinal plant varieties at MBc Research Park, in flower all-year-round for our bees to happily graze on, including various species of Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Calendula, Agastache, and many more. ​

Our honey has been verified for antioxidants and antibacterial properties by Southern Cross University and the Australian Government National Measurement Institute. Its antioxidant level is almost twice that of commercial honey (Carlsen, 2010).


Benefits of MBc’s Sustainable Herbal HoneyTM

Minimally processed to ensure bioactivity

365 days-a-year flowering availability

Sustainable brood management

No pesticide use or detectable residues

Extensive Range of Medicinal & Edible Herbs & Plants

Free-range captive brood

No additives