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Introducing Solids Safely: 4 Dietitian Tips

from Kiddipedia

Introducing solids to your little one is an exciting, but scary time. Your little one is growing up! Obviously, great nutrition is essential, but what else do you need to consider to ensure solids are introduced safely? Consider these 4 tips…

1. Minimise choking risks – Until your baby is competent at chewing their food, it’s safest to provide them with pureed foods, or foods cut up to a size smaller than a pea. Try these tips:

  • Ensure that your child sits quietly and concentrates while they eat instead of running around or lying down;
  • Cook, grate or mash hard foods such as carrots and apples until your child can chew them;
  • Cut grapes and cherry tomatoes into halves or quarters so that your baby doesn’t choke on the skin;
  • Undertake a First Aid and CPR course so that you know how to treat your baby if they do choke.

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