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Milk Formula Range

It’s hard to get the balance right, but we’ve been driven since day one, over 20 years of intensive testing and research to craft innovative formulas that provide optimized, complete and relevant nutrition. Our formulas are intensively designed to support all key aspects of physical and emotional development.

Backed by our exclusive batch-to-batch safety testing system, you and your little stars can rest assured of the unparalleled level of quality and care that goes into every one of our products.

How we Innovate

Science & Research

As parents, our scientific and nutritionist experts have lost sleep in more ways than one. Through our intimate understanding of the science behind infant and children’s nutrition and development, and our dedication to unparalleled quality and safety, our formulas create a complete, balanced nutritional foundation for growth & development.

Age-Specific & Relevant Levels

Little Étoile formulas are optimized based on the unique developmental requirements of specific age-related stages. A nutrition source is only fully optimal when specific age groups are provided not just all the critical nutrients, but at optimal levels that are balanced, relevant and adequate, to enable optimal body function.

Optimized in 5 Key Areas

Our proprietary nutrition system – Opti-5, curates nutrients and functional ingredients into groups, to support five of the most critical health areas:

  • Immunity
  • Vision
  • Digestive Health
  • Cognitive function
  • Growth & Development

Quality Beyond Nutrition 

We employ innovations such as QR code traceability, voluntary screening beyond what is required by food regulations, and our own internal quality management system at every step in the life of our products. We are also the only brand who tests every single batch for allergens, heavy metals and 3MCPD & Glycidyl Esters.