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Our Ingredients

A formula is only as good as its individual ingredients. We meticulously research and verify all our ingredients, whether they are nutrients, functional actives or support materials. Our stringent quality standards for safety, effectiveness, natural origins, and responsible sourcing are second to none, and add up to a quality, trusted product. ​

However, it is not just about what we use, but also about what we don’t use. Due to our extensive safety knowledge and resources, we avoid allergenic, irritating or potentially toxic substances, wherever possible.

Our Preferences

We choose to include our own proprietary botanical blends, patented commercial materials that have been validated through research trials, as well as nutrients and nutrient blends that come from reliable, sustainable and clean sources. ​Using researched and tested ingredients means we are more confident that they measure up to their intended use and targets.

Quality - Safe - Effective

Working together in synergy

  • Preference for naturally derived materials ​
  • Safety screened through intensive research and review before formulation​
  • Pharmaceutical standards for quality and safety checks​
  • Custom combinations tailored to support our Opti-5 Systems for key Nutrition & Skin ​Health areas
  • Verified by specific testing ingredient levels in all formulas​
  • Verified for their ability to formulate well, and remain intact without degrading or interacting with each other

Ingredients in our Milk Formulas

Our scientifically validated, evidence-based formulations provide comprehensive, relevant, balanced and complete nutrition to fuel the first 1000 days and beyond. With an uncompromising level of care to support motherhood, infancy, and early childhood, you can rest assured of our attention to detail and our quest for perfection.

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Ingredients in our Baby Food

A balanced and diverse variety of premium organic sources of ingredients are at the heart of our children’s food products, and represent each of the five food groups! 

We believe that they provide the cleanest and safest options for the health and nutrition of growing bodies, while also being less harmful to the environment that they play in, and eventually inherit. Besides all that, the proof is in the taste … kids just love the natural flavours, especially our award-winning fruit varieties! ​

Ingredients in our Topical Care range

Our passion for skin & hair health, and personal hygiene of our children and their families, combined with our extensive research expertise, drives us to create quality and effective topical products that make a difference.

But a product is only as good as what goes into it. The better the ingredients, the better the products will be. ​

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