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Our Ingredients

Topical Care Range

Our passion for the skin health and personal hygiene of our children, and their families, combined with our extensive research expertise, drives us to create quality products. But they are only as good as what goes into them, and what we leave out. The better the ingredients, the better the products will be. ​

Ingredients with quality built-in

We ensure that our ingredients have quality and effectiveness built-in at all steps by:​

  • Using only validated, clean, sustainably sourced botanicals, with evidence for their health benefits wherever possible​
  • Incorporating our own sustainably grown, proprietary herbal and floral extracts and blends, with additional testing for safety and composition, and with evidence for their health benefits ​
  • Tailoring ingredients and their combinations to specific ages, skin types and requirements, experience and fragrance preferences​
  • Optimizing formulas to make sure that the ingredients don’t interfere with each other, and perform their formula’s unique roles safely and under different condition​
  • No nasties – avoiding hidden toxins in our formulas as much as possible, and only using ingredients at safe levels, according to evidence from skin research ​

Our Hero Ingredients