Grass-Fed Milk - Little Étoile

Grass-Fed Milk

Little Étoile® Formula products are made from grass-fed Australian cow's milk

Our happy cows are free to roam in clean, green pastures, predominantly located in the Gippsland region of Victoria. There, they are free to access fresh grass all year round, without confinement. Just grass – no growth hormones, no antibiotics.

As a result, they tend to be healthier, and their milk has a better nutritional profile compared to grain-fed cows. Research [1-4] has shown that milk from grass-fed cows contains a superior fatty acid profile, including higher (omega-3/6) ratios, and better levels of omega-3’s, plus higher levels of beta-carotene and lutein carotenoids, than milk from grain-fed cows [5,6]. This is one of the key differences that make quality nutrient formulas that use grass-fed milk a premium source of nutrition.

When it comes to choosing a baby formula, the quality of the raw materials that go into it, including the source of milk, will have a considerable impact on its ultimate quality. However, since there are no regulatory criteria that label claims of “grass-fed milk” are required to meet, companies may sell a product labeled as “grass-fed”, despite the cow’s diet being comprised of any combinations or ratios of grain and grass.

to learn more about it, read our article “What does grass-fed mean?”

Grass-fed vs conventionally fed cow’s milk composition differences

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