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Galacto-Oligosaccharides - GOS

Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) belong to the dietary fiber family of macro-nutrients. They are a kind of carbohydrate that is not absorbed by body, but instead feeds the developing gut microbiome, the billions of healthy bacteria that protect the digestive and immune systems.

Benefits of GOS

Gluten free

Allergen free

Fully safety tested

Derived from natural dairy milk sources

How is it produced ?

GOS is made using a specialized process from lactose, the main carbohydrate source in milk. The name refers tp a particular part of the lactose, called galactose. Many of the hundreds of oligosaccharides (simpler, soluble carbohydrates) in breastmilk contain galactose.

How does it work ?

GOS has several functions in digestive health and immune system of infants and children:

  • Prebiotic effect and immune support: GOS feeds the Bifidum and Acidophilus strains of bacteria in the gut microbiome, which are some of the first types to populate the infant’s gut. These bacteria protect against early immune system challenges.
  • Supports digestive health: GOS helps to improve the consistency of stools, which helps maintain regularity and digestive comfort.

What does the research say?

In one study, GOS has been reported to stabilize stool softness [1]. GOS has also been demonstrated to boost Bifido-bacterium (good bacteria) levels and reduce Clostridium (bad bacteria) levels in the gut, while also lowering colic after 2 weeks [2].

In other research, GOS contributed to a drop in the likelihood of children developing respiratory infections. A GOS-containing prebiotic has been used in milk-based nutrient interventions to significantly reduce the risk of respiratory or gut infection episodes, including diarrhea and vomiting [3] in children up to 29 months.

This figure shows how GOS helped to reduce the percentage of kids with infection episodes by 8%, and this reduced the number of children who needed treatment by 30% (adapted from [3]).

A further research study has reported that the inclusion of GOS has contributed to improvements in gut motility in children up to 4 years of age [4].


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GOS helps with lowering respiratory infections