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Evidence-based research

What is research?

The word “research” comes from the French word recherche, meaning to search. It uses a very strict set of method (scientific investigation, also called the scientific method”) to understand nature, and how it works.

Health Benefits of Organic Food for Children

We often hear that organic, and especially certified organic food is healthier for children, but what are the actual benefits? Overall, the growing, sourcing and handling practices that are used in producing organic fruit, vegetables, dairy and meats are aimed at providing products that are cleaner and closer to the way they were grown before mass (conventional) farming became routine.

Bone problems in infants and children

Bones provide the frame for the growing body and while it is a solid structure, it is a living system that removes old bone and replaces it with new bone. Bones grow in size and increase their density during this period because more bone mineral is being deposited than removed.

Micronutrients to help babies increase height

Height is determined by length of the long bones and skeleton. Arms and legs have special areas across them (below the knees and wrists) called “growth plates” made from flexible cartilage. The cartilage is turned into hard bone in these areas by bone cells, called bone matrix. Matrix itself is made of a material called “hydroxyapatite” and it is like a chalky ceramic. Matrix is added a layer at a time onto the end of the plates, gradually making the bone longer.

Opti-5 and Childhood Illness

The Opti-5 system recognized that the five areas of: Digestive health, Cognitive function, Eye health, Immunity, Growth & Development are integrated to support optimal health and wellbeing​. All 5 health areas are likely to be affected, either alone or in combination, by sub-optimal health or conditions.