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Science & Research

Good nutrition is a combination of science and art. The art comes from knowing your little stars and being able to respond to their specific requirements in your own way as a parent, as you watch them developing their mind and bodies every day. The science part comes from the nutrition that is built into the products you use, and the processes behind their development. That’s where we come in.

Evidence-based Research

Little Étoile draws from its combined expertise in scientific research and nutrition to develop products that are backed by scientific evidence, ensuring safe and effective nutrition for your little stars. This ensures that the Max Biocare Group motto of “Evidence-Based” remains the leading light that guides our journey to create the most advanced, highest quality and reliable formulas possible.

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Scientific Partnership

As part of the Max Biocare Group, Little Étoile is complemented by our internal scientific practices & through partnerships with scientific experts around the world, where research projects that are performed are in line with our own and international standards of ethical conduct and integrity. We are committed to building partnerships with the aim of quantifying the quality, safety and nutritional value of our products, to understand how they may help to improve children’s health.

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