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Evidence-based Research

We are guided by the latest scientific evidence, and this lets us go the extra mile to put theory into practice, allowing us to provide products of the utmost quality and nutritional value that science can offer. Even though we are all grown up, we never stop learning about how to improve children’s nutrition.

Our principles

  • The Max Biocare group is dedicated to using scientific research to create pharmaceuticals, supplements, skincare and nutritional products that are safe, effective and of the highest quality standards. Therefore, it appears in our motto – “Evidence-based, Natural, Trust.”
  • Opting for the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients, and where possible using ingredients that are validated by scientific research.
  • Trust comes from the confidence we have in our high standards and our meticulous approach to quality, especially when it comes to children’s nutrition, and this translates into the trust that our consumers have in our products.
  • At Little Étoile, we strongly believe that good nutrition is the key to nurturing good health in infants and children, which allows for a healthy start to life and through the first 1000 days (and beyond). We want to give our little stars the best chance possible to deal with all the challenges life can throw at them, so that they can grow and shine brightly!

Our commitments

  • Re-investing in research and development processes and programs to support our products. As much as 33% of our revenue gets re-invested into research!
  • Drawing on combined expertise from doctoral-level research scientists, qualified nutritionists, and health practitioners.
  • Where possible, investing in clinical research trials on our products in association with Universities and Hospitals, through Max Biocare Institute.
  • Using research-backed, proprietary ingredients that have a proven track record of safety and efficacy
  • Performing “home-grown” research, to develop our own ingredients at Max Biocare Research Park

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